About Us
Excellence Business Industries Supply (EBIS) is a specialist in distribution and marketing of an extensive range of packaging product from antirust protective, cleanroom product, absorbents and general packaging. Our company is located in Penang, Malaysia. EBIS has more than 10 years experience in all kinds of packaging materials. You can be assured that the best quality product can be obtained through our company.

We are specialize in provide top standard Galvanized pallet, Packaging box, and Moisture barrier pack. Galvanized pallet is used to sustain heavy products in the industry for so many years. In here, we provide proper Packaging box and Moisture barrier pack to keep your products as well.


Our products have a good antirust protection and damage protection. We ensure your metal parts, components or hardware products are prevent form physically damaged, corrosion and rusting.

Each of our products gives different protection for your products and sold within your budget. What are you waiting for, try our products and services now!

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